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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Stranger in the Mind Experpt 1 (2012) -- Will probably be the prologue

         “You’re standing too close to the line boy,” a fair young woman said with disdain in her voice.  The boy just looked at the ground and aimlessly prodded the crude barrier of rocks and sticks with his foot.  The barrier had only been erected the previous day by the two feuding families city of Koth.  The barrier ran directly though the center and precisely from one end of Koth to the other.
Over the hundred years prior the village of Koth was founded jointly by the Vaneesh and Khal families.  They were very close friends who had a dream of leaving the chaotic outside world and establishing a small Utopian society where they could raise their children together in a safe and loving environment.
Unfortunately a dispute occurred over two hundred years ago over who should be ordained as the next governor of the land.  This dispute put a rift between the two families (which had not grown to substantial size being joined by outsiders seeking refuge) and lead to a collapse of the old town government.
After a short and bloody battle the Vaneesh and Khal families agreed to replace single city government (which was primarily ruled by a governor and a counsel of elders) with two governments.  They appointed a governor from each family and the members of each family appointed elders to serve in two separate counselors under their respective governors.
The families came to an agreement that they would divide the city in two and relocate as necessary.  They established the main street that ran through the center of the town as the agreed line of demarcation between western and eastern Koth.
The two parties agreed that all disputes between western and eastern Koth would be settled in a counsel of the two governing parties, and so they were able to establish some peace between them by a series of treaties and agreements.
As time passed Koth had grown into a great city or rather two great cities.  Many other families lived there now but the Vaneesh and Khal families still held the governing power and by now they had changed their titles from governors to kings.  
The city’s growth lead to a great dispute over which land was owned by Western Koth and which by Eastern Koth and just the day before the dispute lead to a large skirmish in which one of the elders from the Khal family was killed and one from the Vaneesh family left critically injured.  It was then that the two families vowed to put a great barrier between the two cities forever and they immediately constructed the aforementioned crude barrier.  It was agreed upon that breaching this barrier would be punishable by death.

“This is just temporary you know,” said the girl.  My father is going to ensure that his men construct a great wall here and he vows to have it completed in a matter of two weeks.”  The girl announced in an arrogant tone.

    There were many others standing at the border establishing a verbal boundary as well as a physical one.  Of these were the two kings Hevereck of the Khal family and Yamowen of the Vaneesh family.
“Do you understand me dirty boy?  Do you know what that means?  It means I will never have to see your filthy Vaneesh face again.  What do you think of that boy?” She continued.
The boy knew well of the girl.  She was after all King Hevereck’s daughter Zhetre.  Had Hevereck been paying attention to anything other than his ego at the time he would not have permitted his daughter to come near the barrier.

“Are you stupid dirty boy?  I asked you a question. What do you think?”  Zhetre repeated.

As the boy looked up his eyes went slowly from the girl’s pretty little feet up her ornately designed and fitted green dress, past the soft white skin of her chest and neck across her dark brown hair that fell so perfectly on either side of her flawless cheekbones.  Her lips were full of color and her features ageless.  
Looking now into her deep sky blue eyes the boy only had power to speak his true feelings. “What do I think?  Um.... I think you are the most beautiful woman I could ever imagine laying my eyes upon.”
    Zhetre found herself immediately struck dumb as her focus shifted from the boy’s dirty face to his amazingly full eyelashes and into his dark brown eyes.  His eyes were so full of sincerity and love that her pride melted away in an instant and her eyes teared up.“
“You do?” Zhetre said as she spontaneously took a step forward onto the first stones of the barrier.
The boy crossed the remaining distance between them and leaned in gazing closer into her eyes.  There eyes locked together in such intense feeling that for a moment they could see into each other’s souls.  All the darkness and bickering surrounding them seemed to fade out of existence.
“I do.” Said the boy as they closed their eyes and their lips drew together into a kiss so full of love and passion that all ill feelings between them were forever gone.

As those standing by caught site of King Hevereck’s daughter standing atop the barrier in the warm embrace of passionate kissing with one who appeared to be  a dirt covered Vaneesh peasant boy they immediately gasped loudly.  Some of the women fainted, others screamed with surprise and terror while the men just stared with their jaws hanging towards the earth.
One of the Khal elders caught sight of it and nudged the king who was arguing with Yamowen.  Both kings turned and gazed at the sight in complete unbelief.
“Isn’t that your daughter?”  Yamowen muttered.
“And your... your son?” The words just plopped out of his mouth like the drinking flask he was holding just slipped out of his hand and plopped onto the ground making quite the mess of his boots.

The two awoke from their moment of passionate serenity to the cry of her father “Zhetre! What the hell are you doing?”
Zhetre jumped back a step out of shock--her mind not wanting to consider the possible consequences of their action.  The boy stumbled clumsily down from the barrier.
“I swear I will kill you for defiling my daughter you filthy boy!”  Hevereck shouted at the top of his lungs.
“You know the agreement Hevereck.  You put as much as one finger over that barrier and you die!”  Shouted Yamowen.
“Piss on the agreement--that boy dies this moment!”  Hevereck spat the words violently from his mouth as he slid his sword from it’s sheeth.
As fast as a jumping spider Yamowen drew his sword and place it against Hevereck’s throat.  “Stand down Hevereck or I’ll spill your blood.
“Son?  Is that you?  What have you done!  You know the agreement.  You pass the barrier and you die.  She passes it and she dies.”
“I know the agreement father.”  The boy said as he stepped up again onto the barrier and Zhetre rose again to meet him.  He took her hand and calmly but boldly announced “I am an honorable man and I shall abide the agreement and I shall not cross this barrier.”
“Come with me?” He whispered gently into Zhetre’s ear.
“Yes.”  She whispered back.
“Run.”  He whispered and the two ran as fast as they could along the barrier to the edge of the city.
With Yamowen’s sword at Hevereck’s throat and now Hevereck’s dagger slyly sneaked to Yamowen’s gut no one dared to move a muscle and the couple slipped out of sight off the end of the barrier and into the surrounding forest.
As they ran Zhetre’s face was overcome by a spontaneous smile.  Her breath was lost in running and her heart taken in the moment.
“I need to rest.... I need to rest.”  She gasped.
“Yes, I think we’re far enough for a moment.” Responded the boy.  “I could not lie to you.  As I looked at you at the wall and you spoke those harsh words I feared I may never see such beauty again.  At any rate, I’m sure your father is going to kill me.”
“No.  No.”  Zhetre muttered as she attempted to catch her breath.  The two sat down for a moment on a large black stone amid the lush mossy forest floor.  They gazed again into each other’s eyes.  In her eyes he saw his own soul perfected.  In his eyes she saw a warmth and love above all she could imagine.  Once again they closed their eyes and their lips met.
“I want you to have this.”  The boy said as he pulled a baseball sized black marbled sphere from his coat pocket.
“It’s beautiful.”  Zhetre said as the boy slipped it into her slender cream colored hands.  
The boy noticed the exquisite beauty of her hands.  Her fingers were so perfectly shaped and gradually tapered towards her flawless nails.  He placed his rough hands around hers and as she held the sphere the cloudy white swirls in the back marbled surface began to flow like clouds in the sky and expanded to fill the surface of the sphere until it turned into a flawless white.  
“What is it?”  Zhetre questioned.
“Um.... It is a Caltry stone.”
“A what?”
“A Caltry stone.  It’s coloring reflects the truth of the feelings of those who touch it.”
“Where did you get it?  I’ve never heard of such a thing.”
“When I was little my grandmother told me stories about the Caltry people who the legend says used to inhabit these forests over a thousands years ago.  One day she shared with me a secret that she told no one else.  She told me that she was a descendant of the Caltry--perhaps the very last surviving descendant.  She told me that the Caltry had discovered a gift from nature that contained a remnant of the power of the first creation.”
“The first creation?  What does that mean?”  Zhetre questioned.   
“The beginning of time--the beginning of material existence.  The Caltry supposedly found it in these stones.  They mined the stone from the earth for years and found a way to extract it’s power.  Well, actually they weren’t sure if the stone gave them power or if it simply brought out power that was already in them.  One thing was clear though--the stone’s abilities depended on the feelings of the being who first touched them.
    “The power the stones brought out in the Caltry began to change their appearance.  It somehow made them more perfect, more flawless, more beautiful and more powerful.
    “When word spread of the Caltry’s power and extraordinary gifts other nations became jealous of their power and wanted to take it to themselves for their own selfish reasons.
    “Even though the Caltry were powerful individuals their civilization was far too small and they had no weapons to defend themselves with.  The other nations combined against them and completely destroyed them all except for a few of their women they took as slaves.  
    “When the Caltry stones were taken from their owners those that took them though their power would remain in them thus granting them the power of the Caltry.  They were very wrong.  The stones turned black as night, grew powerless and crumbled to dust.
“One of the men who was set to guard the few remaining slaves fell deeply in love with one of the women.  They did all they could do to keep their love a secret.
    “All of the remaining Caltry became very ill and died, but one of them was pregnant and  before dying she secretly gave birth to a child who was lovingly smuggled out of the country by his father (the guard).  
“Before the woman died she gave her lover this paper,” the boy said as he took out a piece of worn paper with writing on it.”
“What is it?”  Questioned Zhetre.
“Instructions on where to find and how to carve a Caltry stone.  Actually, it wasn’t this exact paper, it had been copied over onto new paper several times because of deterioration and the old paper destroyed.”
“My grandmother gave the paper to me upon her death.  She didn’t even seem to believe the stones were real, but she gave it to me to carry on the tradition that had been handed down for over one thousand years to the women of our family.”
“Women?”  Zhetre said as a look of confusion came across her face.
    “Um, yeah.  So, since she didn’t have any surviving female descendants in this generation she figured she would have to make due with me.
“Anyway, I thought that maybe the stones were for real and I went out looking for one and followed the instructions the best I could and sure enough after two years of searching I found a small amount of it--actually that stone their is all I could find.
“Originally the stone was black as coal and rather porous, but I knew it was a Caltry stone from the moment I touched it because upon touching it it immediately became a cloudy marbled color and began to change its structure and density.  Following the instructions I carefully shaped the stone and polished it into a sphere which is said to be the form the stone is most powerful in.”
“it’s beautiful... and it’s growing more and more beautiful as we speak.”  Zhetre calmly said as her hands began to tremble and the stone began to glow with a soft white light.
“I found it for you; you know.”
“But you barely know me,”  Zhetre said in disbelief.
“Perhaps, but I found it for you because I want to know you.  I want to love you and I wanted to take you away from that awful divided place and show you how beautiful you really are.”
“Dirty boy.  What is your name?”  Zhetre said with a sheepish smile on her face.
“Yeshi.”  The boy softly said as he leaned forward again pressing his lips against hers.
Zhetre paused for a moment looking again deep into his eyes, “I want to love you too.”  Looking at him now she didn’t see a dirty boy anymore his appearance was very clean now.  She saw an amazing man who had gone through great lengths to capture her love.  She saw a man who filled her hollow soul with light and hope and she vowed in her heart to never leave him.


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